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Personalised Knickers

Personalised knickers offer a lot of scope for enjoyment. It is a very personal form of pleasure because only you know about it - you and those you share your secret with. Many women have personalised knickers.

Personalised Knickers

Some just use a few pretty bows, others might put their names or an image of some cute animals like birds or rabbits, while the more daring might have something sexy written there

A picture of she-devil or a suggestive expression can make your personalised knickers very sexy and that will make you feel sexy too and all men know that women who feel sexy 'shine' more. If you want to get some personalised knickers, you can embroider them yourself or have it done for you.

Personalised knickers are extremely popular among women of all age groups, but especially the young. Personalised knickers allow you to be sexy and daring without anybody knowing about it except for that special man of the moment. In fact there are quite a few firms on the Internet which offer a wide range of panties, which are either embroidered with set phrases or which they will custom embroider with a logo and wording of your choice. Usually, for $10-12, you get a pretty pair of knickers with a logo and up to five lines of text embroidered wherever you want. There is no doubt, personalised knickers are here to stay.

High Cut Panties

High cut panties are a spin-off from the French style of post-war women's underwear. High cut panties are often worn under tighter fitting clothes because many manufacturers guarantee that there will be no dreaded VPL or visible panty line. High cut panties are not suitable for low slung trousers or skirts unless you want to show off your knickers for some reason (of fashion?).

Women's Panties

Women' panties have come a long way over the centuries, but the revolution has really been in the last one hundred years although there is a case for saying that women's panties have changed a lot over the last fifty years too. From about 1800, women wore drawers or pantaloons that were roughly knee length according to fashion and many older women were still wearing bloomers until the 1970's. in the 1970's, younger women called for skimpier underwear and women's panties have continued to get smaller ever since.

Low Rise Panties

Low rise panties are like hipsters. The waist band is very low so that it will not show above a low rise skirt or pair of slacks. Low rise panties usually rise no higher that the middle of the hips and so are quite revealing and sexy. Within this definition, low rise panties can come in quite a few styles ranging through g-string, tanga, bikini, boys-brief and cami. Low rise panties are practically invisible when worn under most types of clothing.

Crutchless Knickers

Crutchless knickers or crotchless knickers have been around for a lot longer than most people would imagine. Hundreds of years ago, many women did not wear any underwear at all, although they were far more covered up than many women today. Then underwear became fashionable in higher society, but many of those women could not dress themselves, so fiddling with one's knickers to go to the toilet was awkward. It was far easier to wear crutchless knickers and that is what happened.

by +Owen Jones