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High Cut Panties

High cut panties are a more traditional form of knickers. They are an off-shoot of a post-war French panty design and they generally have the legs cut away and a high waist band. This makes high cut panties resemble a girdle and it is true that they can offer some moderate shaping and supporting sagging tummies and buttocks.

High Cut Panties

High cut panties are usually quite snug fitting and so are also very modest revealing nothing at all. High cut panties should be virtually invisible beneath any clothing except low slung skirts and trousers

Panties were used primarily for personal hygiene. That was in the days before the Second World War, when they were called various names over the centuries. Names such as pantalettes, pantaloons and bloomers.

After the war a new French style of knickers was developed which was a lot more revealing. They were high cut panties and often incorporated some form of elastication.

This in-built elastic can have a similar effect to a corset, although to a far lesser extent. This marked the transition after the war when had a new found freedom after doing men's jobs while they were at the front. Women felt freer than they ever had before and were understandably reluctant to go back to their pre-war role.

They did not want to wear unsexy bloomers like their mothers and quickly adopted more fashionable, swimsuit styles, like the boys in the forces had become used to in the pin-ups. Swim suit style knickers that looked like those that Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe had worn.

Furthermore, soldiers were bringing sexy European lingerie back from continental Europe and the girls loved them and liked to be seen in them too. Soon it became important to have a 'good figure', something that had not been too important to the parents of the girls of the fifties.

The small girdle was born, although it was still a hefty object. and it was modelled on French knickers. Nowadays, the same style is there, although high cut panties have most of the leg cut away. However, the high waist band remains and this allows manufacturers to lay some elastication into the material, which can help to shape mildly sagging tummy and buttocks.

So, high cut panties are a spin-off from the French style of post-war women's underwear that many soldiers saw during the Second World War in Europe. High cut panties are often worn under tighter fitting clothes because many manufacturers guarantee that there will be no dreaded VPL or visible panty line. High cut panties are not suitable for low slung trousers or skirts unless you want to show off your knickers for some reason (of fashion?).

These days high cut panties are comfortable, modest underwear for those women who fear that they are starting to bulge a little.

by +Owen Jones