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Lingerie For The Bride

After the wedding gown, the most important objects of a bride's clothing is her lingerie. It does not count whether the couple have lived together for years or not, the bride will still want to look as ravishingly sexy as she can.

Lingerie For The Bride

lingerie for the brideIt is also a decent idea to have something loose-fitting, flimsy and comfortable to slip into after the stress of the wedding and the reception is over whether you go away on honeymoon or not.

There are numerous places to buy your sexy lingerie. There will be plenty of shops in your locality and if not, there are thousands of lingerie shops on line. You could go for a sexy teddy in silk or satin and or a gorgeous, full length dressing gown in your favourite material. Again, satin or silk and quite chic.

If you are brave, you can just go down to the mall and purchase what you would like, but otherwise you could get some pointers by going on line. Victoria Secret is a favourite with many women or you could merely key 'sexy lingerie' into Google for a choice of thousands of images and shops.

You can have low-cut fronts or low-cut backs, high-cut legs or even peep-hole underwear, but the point to remember is to wear garments that you feel comfortable and sexy in, because there is nothing sexier than a woman who feels sexy. A great deal of it is in the mind.

If you are staying in a hotel, do not forget to let slip the fact that you will be on your honeymoon when you book up. You never know, the hotel might have a policy of smarten up the room or providing free champagne or flowers. If that is not going to happen where you are going or if you are staying at home, then it is up to you to create a special ambiance.

This can be done quite easily by using candles, flowers, fruit and aromatherapy oils. First of all, put substantial bunches of flowers in the room or house. Put at least one bowl of exotic or unusual fruit out too.

Obviously, the season you get married in will affect which fruits and flowers are available, but as for fruits look out for mangoes, kiwi fruit, coconut, bananas, fresh figs, pears, apricots, star fruit, mangosteen, pineapple, lychees - there are so many of them. Have plenty of double cream in the fridge as well.

Many people find that chocolate is erotic and it is long-supposed to have aphrodisiacal qualities, but you will have to look a lot further than your local sweet shop, because unfortunately, a Mars Bar simply will not do it, the fact being that the quantity of real chocolate in it is just not high enough. 

Purchase specialist, gourmet chocolate. Chocolate goes well with champagne. The last thing to think of for the evening is music, but it is crucial to get it right. Something subtle and not too loud is probably best.

The next day, you will need a great-looking swimming costume to while away a few hours by the pool.

by +Owen Jones