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Low Rise Panties

Low rise panties are like hipsters. The waist band is very low so that it will not show above a low rise skirt or pair of slacks. Low rise panties usually come no higher than the middle of the hips and so are quite revealing and sexy, when they are all that someone can see.

Low Rise Panties

Within this definition, low rise panties can come in quite a few styles ranging from G-string, tanga, bikini, boys-brief to cami. Low rise panties are almost always invisible when worn under most kinds of clothing

The old name for panties in the United Kingdom is knickers. The terms 'panties' and knickers' are both used equally often although the word 'knickers' is more often applied to schoolgirls' underwear, and the term 'panties' to women's underwear. Knickers is also an old way of referring to football shorts.>

There are various styles of low rise panties, but the most common names are: booty shorts, boy leg briefs, boy short panties, boys' cut shorts, boy shorts, shorties or just low rise panties. Other styles of women's panties can also be cut in low rise, such as G-strings, tangas and hipsters.

Low rise panties, in common with most other forms of women's panties normally have an elasticated waistband, a crotch to cover the genital area (which is typically lined with absorbent material such as cotton) and a pair of leg openings which are often also elasticated. Normally, they either have very short or no leg sections, except the boxer shorts style.

The need for low rise panties is actually a symbol of the progression of the freedom of women, although hard line feminists might say that wearing skimpy briefs is only a sign of some women having been brain-washed into titillating men. I can understand that point of view, but I do not agree with it.

The need for low rise panties or skimpy briefs arose from the fashions of the Seventies, when low-slung skirts and slacks were all the rage. Yes, you could say that that was 'men's doing' as well, but where do you draw a line? The term 'low rise panties' actually refers to the amount of material above the crotch line, above an imaginary line drawn from the top of the leg openings. This measurement can be low, medium or high.

High would expose the panties above the waist band of the outer garment, if they were hipster cut. Medium might expose the panties, but low cut panties are designed purposely not to be seen.

The leg section of low rise panties can be anything from the thin band of lace of G-string knickers, through the inch or two of regular low rise panties to the twelve inches of cami knickers.

The point is not so much what happens below the waist band, but where that waist band is. A modern twist to this story is that a lot of girls (and boys too it seems) like to wear baggy trousers which expose their low rise panties (in the case of women or boxers, in the case of men).

Not so many years ago, people mocked 'builders' bum', now it is fashionable.

by +Owen Jones