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Personalised Underwear

The rich and the famous have always dressed in custom, personalised underwear, but they have or had them made by exclusive manufacturers called couturiers. Their personalised underwear is made from the finest materials and bears the designer's name and logo and any motif that the purchaser might want too.

Personalised Underwear

Personalised UnderwearOver the last decade or so, the desire for personalised underwear has filtered down to the rest of us, although we can't all afford our own personalised underwear from the finest and most famous couturiers. I used to have a girlfriend in the 80's who would spend hours embroidering motifs or sexy slogans on her lingerie in the knowledge that they would look good for years.

Few women would have the time or the ability to embroider their lingerie these days, so a whole industry has built up to satisfy the constantly-growing desire for unique, designer clothing like personalised printed underwear.

Really, it goes without saying that if you buy your designer clothing in a High Street shop it is not going to be unique, which is what the term 'designer' implies. However, everyone can still wear unique designer clothing with a little thought and effort.

What if you could put your own logo on all your clothes? That would be pretty cool and definitely unique, wouldn't it? Especially if you put some thought into choosing a motif that you like, say, a small pink flower or a blue bird and have that put on every item of your clothing.

It may be beyond the ability of most people these days, but we'll leave that aside for the moment. The simpler the logo or motif, the easier and therefore the cheaper it will be to have it applied to your things. All your new clothes could be ordered with the logo already in place and you could find someone locally to create it on any special items that you already possess.

A blue flower on your lapel or a cheeky mouse poking out from your buttons or simply your name in an unusual font would all look good. This is all possible and easily achieved with a little forethought and organisation. Notice that I did not say that it would cost a lot of money, because it would not.

The only 'pricey' items might be the ones you have embroidered locally, but since you already own the item of clothing, the cost will not be that great. If you are thinking that the styles, designs and range of clothes will be limited in stores that can provide designer clothing of this type, then I can assure you that there is more choice in one outlet I know than in most entire shopping malls.

The company that I work with has over 700 million product options (yes, 700,000,000 items to choose from!) Name me another shop that can offer that sort of choice! They stock everything from the range of women's and men's wear including jackets, hoodies, pyjamas, jumpers, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, socks, underwear of all kinds like lace knickers, classic thongs, men's boxer shorts, hats, gloves, handkerchiefs and women and men's gift sets, the lot and all in various qualities styles and colours.

They have stock logo designs and allow you to design your own in house and upload them. As you can guess, my favourites are the personalised printed trunks and hot personalised lace knickers.

by +Owen Jones