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Sexy Lingerie? - What Is It?

Many, even most people, especially men, think of crotchless panties and peep-hole bras when they hear the phrase 'sexy lingerie'. This is a shame because sexy lingerie is so much more. One of the problems is that men and women have different ideas of what sexy lingerie is. Women often wear what they think men want to see them in, but they don't always feel comfortable in it.

Sexy Lingerie? - What Is It?

sexy lingerieHowever, if both parties are happy with the sexy lingerie to be worn, the effect on both people can be astonishing. In a way, it can be easier to see some sexy lingerie as a costume, whereas everyday or every night underwear and lingerie should be sexy too. You could dress up for certain occasions while being 'just sexy' at all the other times.

It might help to include underwear and night attire in the same category, since the only difference is the time of day it is worn. The first principle is that the woman has to feel comfortable wearing the items of clothing. Many women wear sexy underwear to work every day of the week and no-one but they themselves ever knows it.

It is a fantastic self-confidence booster!

Many women like to wear stockings and suspender belt or garters instead of tights or panty-hose and most men would agree that they are far sexier. Madonna also made corsets fashionable again and many women are happy to wear them too. Again most men find them sexy as well. These are two win-win combinations for both sexes and so maybe a useful starting point for those who want to start wearing sexy underwear.

Beautiful, lacy bra and panty sets are very comfortable to wear and also both sexes find them extremely alluring. It is also a combination that the larger or plus-size woman can wear with confidence during the day, around the house or at at work. These matching bra and panties sets make great gifts,

Lots of women would feel uncomfortable in crotchless knickers and a peep-hole bra, but you could try edible underwear, that seems to go down well, if you see what I mean. Night attire could include a sheer, skimpy teddy or babydoll style outfit under a short, semi-transparent négligé, although it is not the sort of clothing to wear if the milkman rings the door bell.

Plus-size lingerie has seen huge advances in style and variety in recent years, now that about half the adult population is on the large size. No matter, most lingerie stores and catalogues have a section for plus size lingerie and other sexy plus size underwear and night clothes.

A large number of women now wear sexy, lace thongs often because they are conscious of the visible panty line, but they are also considered sexy. There are many styles of sexy panties. One of the simplest ways of feeling a bit naughty, which is also sexy, is to wear personalised knickers with a racy slogan on them.. You can have simple cotton briefs embroidered with your own words quite easily or you could do it yourself.

The main thing to remember is that a woman is at  her most sexy when she feels sexy, so it is best for everyone when a woman wears whatever sexy undies she feels best in. One no-no is cheap lingerie with the exception of embroidered personalised knickers. Oh, and don't forget the perfume!


by +Owen Jones