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Women's Panties

Women's panties have changed a lot way over the centuries, but the revolution has really been in the last one hundred years although there is a good case for saying that women's panties have changed a lot over the last fifty years as well.

Women's Panties

From about 1800, women wore drawers or pantaloons that were just about knee length according to fashion and many older women were still wearing bloomers until the 1970's. In the 1970's, younger women called for skimpier underwear and women's panties have continued to get smaller ever since

The word 'panties' is the current polite term to describe the ladies' garments that are worn around the waist. Other words used are knickers and underpants. In the UK, most people use panties or knickers to refer to ladies' underwear and underpants to refer to men's underwear, but that is not written in stone. Some people where there are boys and girls refer to underwear as knickers or underpants for both sexes, but panties are definitely only female.

Women's panties have three distinct functions: to prevent soiling outer garments; modesty and eroticism. Women's panties come in various forms: from the practical to the erotic. Therefore, there are several types of women's panties to suit the occasion: large panties, bikini underwear, thongs and G-strings, among others. Women also often wear their partners underwear too.

These days, some women like to show their panties, especially G-strings or thongs mostly to titillate. I know that most men appreciate the sight too. A recent twist is that men are showing their underpants above their waist band too, mimicking the ladies. I cannot say whether that has the same effect on modern women.

Some women also like to wear very sexy underwear like crutchless panties although there can be other than erotic reasons for wearing crutchless panties. A stage further than this is not wearing any panties at all. Starlets and young women started a trend a while ago to not wear any underwear at all and allow 'knick slips' or 'up skirt' photographs as they 'struggled' to get out of limousines. Farrah Fawcett Majors was the first one I remember being photographed in such a compromising situation decades ago.

Cycling shorts are the complete opposite, the ultimate turn off (well at least for me). There is no chance of seeing anything and they are meant to be seen. A glimpse of women's panties when it seems that it was not intended is far sexier to men than a photo of a topless model. Especially a silicone one, precisely because the operation was done to show herself off naked. Intention detracts from sexiness.

The history of women's panties is an interesting topic. In general, as women have become more liberated socially and politically, so they have liberated themselves more of clothing in the nether regions. Feminists may say that increased advertising pressure has encouraged women to follow men's fashions. That might be true, but the cloth that they used to make one pair of knickers a hundred years ago would now make a hundred pairs of women's panties.

by +Owen Jones